Adam K. Goodheart


PC Past and Present

T HE RHETORIC sounds familiar: "They built up a clique at Harvard and Columbia and other colleges, both here and


Public Space: The City Examined

In the city of Syracuse in Sicily, there is a building that has served as the spiritual center of the


Seamus Heaney's Poetry: Excavating His Irish Roots

Seamus Heaney Selected Poems, 1966-1987 Farrar, Straus and Giroux $20.00 I have often passed Seamus Heaney making his way up


Jackson Visits Prince At Cambridge Hotel

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson spent Sunday night in Cambridge discussing the Middle East crisis with a Saudi prince who


Bhutto Deposed by Pakistan's President

Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto '73 is reportedly under house arrest in Islamabad after being deposed in a surprise move


Rosovsky Says He Is Not a Candidate For the Presidency

Geyser University Professor Henry Rosovsky, whom many had considered the inside-track contender for the Harvard presidency, surprised the University last


Does This Film Sound Familiar to You?

"I'll take `Movies' for $100, please, Alex." All right. This film features lovable, bumbling criminals who just can't seem to


From Bok, An (Unintentional) Self-Evaluation

Derek C. Bok has written a book that is an insightful and tough assessment of the performance of American higher


Choosing A Person, Choosing A Mission

When Derek C. Bok announced last month that he intends to resign from the Harvard presidency, he immediately set alumni,


City Near Parking Agreement

Cambridge officials said yesterday that they are close to reaching a temporary resolution of a two-year-old dispute over the number


And Now, Some People You'll Probably Never Meet

At times during your first month here--at a crowded Yard keg party, perhaps, or in the lunch line at the


A People-Watcher's Field Guide

It is just another day in Harvard Square. Dizzy Gillespie, the legendary jazz trumpeter with the bullfrog cheeks, passes through


University Lobbying On AIDS Legislation

The University's threat to withdraw sponsorship of the Eighth International Conference on AIDS is part of a broader effort by


University Threatens To Nix Sponsorship Of AIDS Conference

As a protest against a U.S. immigration law which restricts the travel of those infected with the AIDS virus, the


Bok's Deafening Silence

P ICTURE this: The federal government's Pell Grants program, which gives millions of dollars each year to needy college students,

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Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out

Acceptance Letters

Freshman Survey Part II: The Gilded Envelope