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Moira Muses, Patrick Parties and Alek Waxes Floppy

Upon sitting down in the conference room at the Charles Hotel for a brief interview with The Crimson, Alek Keshishian

Cum Minus

Film With Honors directed by Alek Keshishian '86 written by William Mastrosimone starring Joe Pesci, Brendan Fraser, Patrick Dempsey and

15 Minutes at a McKinsey & Company Recruiting Meeting

O kay, so it was more like an hour. Okay, more like an hour-and-a-half. I was hungry after a lame

Boston T Party

I expected an interview with Mr. T. would be tough, but I didn't think he'd be timid. The question I

Grad Student Composers Write Music for the Experienced EAR

CONCERT The California EAR Unit presented by the Harvard Group for New Music at Paine Concert Hall The California EAR

Oy Oy Oy

Me Phi Me's debut album, One has been widely hailed as an alternative hip hop sound--alternative, maybe, in the sense

Bare Bones Beauty

Bone Machine, tom Waits' latest album, is a landmark for American pop music. Waits presents a stark series of bluesy

Way-Hep Hip Hop

With hard funk and hard raps, the Brand New Heavies prove they are no lightweights with The Heavy Rhyme Experience,

Have We Seen the Last of Harvard's Big Rock Bands?

Bullet LaVolta's Last Concert At T.T. the Bear's After five years of rocking Boston, Bullet Lavolta bowed out of the

Buffalos and Hogs: A musical Menagerie

I nvariably banished to the final hour of MTV's Headbanger's Ball and the back pages of Metal Edge, new heavy

Student Bands Create Mayhem on Quiet Campus

On a campus where a cappella and pre-20th century classical are the musics of choice and where cutting edge rock

Finding Myself in the Ring

R EADING PERIOD is the time of the year when students at Harvard think about who they really are. During

Tougher Than Slim Jim

Tougher than Slim Jim and smoother than butter, the Harvard Din & Tonics took a not-quite-near-capacity Saturday night Sanders Theater

Cream of a Capella Society

The cream of Harvard a capella society turned out at Sanders Theater last Saturday night to watch the Radcliffe Pitches

Making the Best of Their Opportunities

The Harvard-Radcliffe Opportunes' Head of the Charles Jam was not a concert for the feeble-minded or faint of heart. Four