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Pumping Up House Gyms

Students waging the perpetual fight against flab can soon look forward to significant aid from University Hall. The announcement last

A Tragic Script

The American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) made an important decision last week to withhold a $55,000 grant from Hampton

New Music

Jay-Z The Black Album Def Jam Jay-Z is Michelangelo’s David. And Borges’ Funes. His Jaromir Hladik. Jay is tortured because

HAPPENING :: Listings for the Week of Fri, Nov. 21

fri, nov. 21 THEATER | South Pacific Come enjoy the closing night of this colorful musical set in Hawaii during

Woof Woof, Handsome Dan

Ah, late November: midterms are mostly over, there’s a pleasant nip in the air, and the men and women of


Crimson Staff Picks

Jessica T. Lee ’04, Sports Chair Harvard 28, Yale 24 Brenda E. Lee ’04, Associate Sports Chair Harvard 35,

Rejecting Heavy Edits

What did the president know and when did he know it? Determining what intelligence was available to the White House

Gossip Guy

Gossip Guy’s throwing caution to the wind and leaving his Glock and Kevlar vest at home for this year’s Harvard-Yale.

Fifteen Minutes' Minutes

On Tuesday in Sao Paulo, Brazil police began burning 20 tons of marijuana and cocaine in a steel furnace. Police,

Time for Steely Resolve

It is no fun to be chastised by an international institution, but this time, Bush deserved it. The World Trade

Well Developed

While Harvard struggles with decisions on future undergraduate accommodations, its recent victory on the graduate front warrants hearty congratulations. The

Passing On The College Press

Covering protests is stressful enough for journalists, but when they have to worry about getting arrested themselves, the task becomes

No Surprises

The first round of early application numbers at the College is in. They’re dramatic—applications for the Class of 2008 fell

The Kremlin Strikes Again

First there was Gusinsky; then came Berezovsky; now it’s Khodorkovsky’s turn to face the Kremlin’s fickle wrath. The list of

Studying the Silver Screen

Film studies may finally earn feature status next fall as plans are being considered by the Visual and Environmental Studies