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First Class Marshal Aims To Befriend Class of '05

Never content to chat too long with just one clique of soon-to-be Harvard graduates, Caleb I. Franklin ’05 spent the


The Art of Foresight

As every Harvard graduate knows, it is not the brand-name of international renown, the consistent media scrutiny of its miniscule



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And So It Goes

I promised myself I wouldn’t write my final column on all the topics I didn’t get to cover this semester.


Getting Past Disciplines

One of the big words around the academy these days is “interdisciplinary.” Along with internationalization, added emphasis on study that


BOOKENDS: Ec Prof’s Defense of Shock Therapy May Send Jolt to Kremlinologists

Ask the average Russian about Boris Yeltsin’s “shock therapy” approach to privatization in the early 1990s, and you’ll get anything


Another Month, Another Flap

It’s not quite innate differences, but the university president everyone loves to hate has another cadre of academics angry at


Liberal Smarts

In his recent anti-Harvard diatribe in the Atlantic Monthly, Ross G. Douthat ’02 writes: “As in a great library ravaged


The Question of Leadership

Can Summers still govern? Maybe. On Tuesday, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) declared that it “lacks confidence” in


‘Study’ Abroad

Every year about this time, somebody’s blockmate sends a mass e-mail from Spain, so-and-so’s lab partner plans to leave for


Next Stop, No Confidence

Even after Bob Rubin’s grooming, University President Lawrence H. Summers’ rough edges grate his contemporaries. The latest Summers brouhaha—courtesy of


9:15 Is Just Too Early

All of this talk about innate differences has gotten me thinking. One of the most significant innate differences between Harvard


The Dual Tragedy of Russia's 9/11

From day one, my trip to Russia was marked by tragedy. As I left my home in Los Angeles, I


Bling Bling and the Ballot Box

NEW YORK—As I watched P. Diddy strut on stage, Rage Against the Machine blaring in the background, I couldn’t get


Whining About Dining

Now that Adams has banned first-years from its dining hall, many of the College’s most outspoken critics have mercilessly attacked

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This Is CS50.

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven