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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Generally, when a Hollywood studio feels excited or even lukewarm about an upcoming release, they give the film a screening

Visual Arts

Conceptual Art for Dummies

Visual art is a self-contradicting enterprise, a delicious and complex can of worms: it is, on the one hand, about

Visual Arts

Timely Details?

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston is showing a fascinating and disturbing new photography exhibit--one whose poignancy and


Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Some band’s musical identities are entirely bound up in a single, sometimes peripheral, instrument, sound or refrain. This is, in


Found in Translation

David Ferry can translate poetry from more languages than most of us could ever hope to learn, and his versatility


Elevator Punk: Going Down

Punk purists everywhere, take arms: Here comes Gob. The Canadian revival punk quartet’s most recent venture, The World According to

Visual Arts

Karma Chameleon Revisited

Boston's Institute of Comtemporary Art ( ICA) is currently showcasing the "Projects" of New York photographer Nikki S. Lee. And

Visual Arts

How the Other Half Lives: Photos with a Mission

"The Social Scene," one of two current photography exhibits at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), features historically relevant-and artistically


The Wesley Willis Question

By D. Robert Okada and Z. Samuel Podolsky Contributing Writers Enter T.T. the Bear’s. To the left, an overcrowded stage