Ryan J. Kuo


Living for the Future

Two weeks ago I discovered a rather “special” LiveJournal community of music fans. LiveJournal is an online network of bloggers


Game Review

Nintendo GameCube (Square Enix) The latest incarnation of Square’s ongoing Final Fantasy universe is a curious digression. Gone are


Busta Brings Catchy Rhymes and Good Times to Harvard

Last Friday’s “hugest concert in Harvard history” was somewhat less than advertised. It’s not that Busta Rhymes wasn’t completely off


The Music is the Message

My first album was Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette. I bought it two years after it blew up, my


Luomo Explores Uncharted Territory

Even when Vladislav Delay was known for his obtuse abstractions on the Mille Plateaux label rather than his dancefloor-tinged output


High On Volume

Being surrounded by people bothered by noise—not just roommates, but also the classmates and resident tutors next door, above and


Reports Differ in Canaday Incident

One week after an incident in which two Harvard Summer School students were injured in falling through a broken Canaday


Students Ride 'Vomit Comet'

They may not have walked on the moon, but four Harvard students have gotten to float weightlessly and “do Matrix


Canaday Residents Fight, Break Window

An incident between Canaday roommates left two summer school students recovering from glass cuts Wednesday in University Health Services. Zachariah

Man Ray Club

Alternative Nightclub May Close Soon

One of Cambridge’s most unique and best known nightclubs may soon be demolished to make way for new apartments—to the

Guarav Yadav

Charges Against Lampoon Smasher Dropped

A Harvard student arrested for vandalizing the building of the Harvard Lampoon—a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to


Attempted Thefts Strike Summer School Dorms

Two attempted burglaries in the Yard last weekend were the latest in a series of summer crimes, including a double


New Hires Join Af-Am, African Studies

Just over a year after a high-profile flap with the University’s top administration and the subsequent defections of two star


Presidents Talk Over U. Mich. Decisions

Presidents of the nation’s most selective universities convened at Harvard Wednesday to celebrate the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold


Two Yard Suites Hit in Late-Night Burglary

An unidentified intruder broke into two suites on the first floor of Holworthy Hall last Thursday, slashing a window screen

Echelman string sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting the Town: Boston's Big Art


ISIL is Not the End of the World

Difficulty Defining

The Difficulty of Defining Difficulty

Reshuffling the Caseload

Unloading the Ad Board