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Reaching Out To His Bass

Rewind to 1960, when rock ’n’ roll has officially blossomed into a full-grown adolescent: kicking, screaming and improperly shaking its

Von Bondies Fight Back for the Fans

The Von Bondies have been getting more press than they are accustomed to in recent months thanks to lead singer

Venue Spotlight

T.T. the Bear’s Place It is great to be a live music fan in Cambridge. Only one T-stop inbound to

Inventing His Own Musical Keys

Once a year, musician and performer Leon Gruenbaum ’85 breaks his strict vegan diet by eating a slice of pizza

Alum Nabs Emmy for ‘Simpsons’ Script

Simpsons writer Matt Warburton ’00 was sitting in the audience at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sept. 13 when

‘Bolt’ Shocks T.T.’s Crowd

The reviews screamed, “Loud.” The crowd was loud. But the band was louder. Fans of Lightning Bolt flocked to T.T.

CD Review

At one point in Identity, a young woman played by Clea Duvall comments that the situation of the movie’s ten


Indie Rockers the Thermals Take Over at T.T. the Bear’s

“Cuddly, sexy and cute as hell” is how the Thermals describe themselves. And seriously, how can a group of four

CD Review

Last January, the Notwist broke four years of silence with Neon Golden, easily the year’s most coveted indie release, and

The Prom Promises Entertaining Emotion

As far as band names go, “The Prom” is a pretty odd choice. In terms of music, the prom recalls


Get With the (Witness Protection) Program

The night did not start smoothly. The Greede Family, one of the opening bands, caused havoc when Paradise management had

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"Abandon" Ship

A good psychological thriller keeps its viewers anxiously anticipating a surprise plot twist that seamlessly, and often eerily, makes all

Scholar Says Vouchers Constitutional

State financial aid for religous schools does not violate the separation of church and state, argued James A. Sonne, assistant


The Sins of the Fathers

Despite its ghastly title—it made me expect a B-rated thriller—Bad Blood offers an interesting, though not engrossing, view into one

Professors Awarded Cabot Fellowships

Six Harvard professors have received this year’s Cabot fellowship, an annual award given in recognition of academic distinction. Jeremy R.