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Grand Jury Will Indict Rape Suspects

A Boston grand jury which convened Wednesday to hear evidence on the rapes of a Business School student and her


Boston Grand Jury to Begin Hearings on B-School Rapes

A Boston grand jury will begin hearing testimony today on the April 19 rapes of a Business School student and


Rapes Spotlight Security Issues

This week two men allegedly raped a Business School student and her female guest inside the student's Gallatin Hall room.


Assembly May Call Off May 3 Benefit Concert

The Student Assembly will cancel the Pousette-Dart/Livingston Taylor benefit concert for the American Cancer Society if it does not sell


Hillel Intruder Attacks Grad Student

A man masked by a blue scarf intruded on a cooking class in the basement of Hillel last night and


University Police to Consider Relocating to 29 Garden St.

University police and Harvard administrators are planning to move police headquarters from Grays Hall, and are considering 29 Garden St.


Chafin Goes To England, Protects Art

Saul L. Chafin, chief of University police and a sergeant in the department, travelled to London. England late last week


MDC Police Seeking Identity Of Body Pulled From River

The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) police dragged the body of a middle-aged man out of the Charles River Friday morning.


Sinatra, Martin Perform For Reagan

Ronald Reagan came to town with his friends last night. One-time Democrat Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin drew a capacity


Pi-Eta Club Initiate Seriously Injured Following Fraternity's Initiation Rites

A Pi-Eta Club initiate is paralyzed from the neck down after an accident in the clubhouse following the club's yearly


Police: Chafin' at the Bit

Officer Dan MacGilvray sat in his cruiser on the corner of DeWolf and Mem Drive on a cold March morning.


Harvard Police Warn Students About Crime

With a 53 per cent reported rise in crime in the Cambridge area, University police said last week they are


University Police To Hire Women

For the first time since 1977, University police will have women officers on its 64-member force. Saul L. Chafin, chief


Harvard Says Bye Bye Film

Take a movie crew, add some traffic jams and roadblocks, swirl it around with a touch of the sixties and


Patriotic Front Official Expects Liberation Soon

Countering reports of a split between the two major groups in Zimbabwe's Patriotic Front, an official in the Front said

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