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The Long Journey Home

John L. Ashbery ’49, Jamaica Kincaid and Salman Rushdie, three of the greatest writers of our time, shared the stage


Commanding ‘Father’

August Strindberg’s The Father is a dark, deeply misogynist play. It tells of women’s deceitful, controlling nature that results in


Delicious Treat in Dining Hall

Intrigue, infidelity and cross-dressing, girl-crazy boys—this is only a sampling of the rousing fun included in the Dunster House Opera


A Word That Speaks Volumes

David Pryor called Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troubling Word a “hand grenade of a book” at the IOP


Brecht’s ‘Ba’al’ Lights Up the Loeb Ex

Bertolt Brecht’s Ba’al is a play about the power of sex, amorality and decadence that culminates in self-destruction. Written in