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Polish the Ivory in the Ivory Tower

It is perhaps self-evident to note that playing the piano is an entirely different proposition than, say, playing the violin.


Academic Celebrities

On April 13, the New York Times front page contained the usual cheery fare: a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, the

The Art of the Oscar

Every year, two special television events consistently bring in the highest ratings. The first, of course, is the Super Bowl,

Vouching for Vaux

Bert Vaux is wasting his time appealing to students in his quest for tenure. Three weeks ago, in a long

Dershowitz Defends Villain at Purim Festivities

Last night, Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz defended a man with a reputation so heinous that a hung


Frankie V: One Smooth Dude

Frankie V is a large, round and smooth man with a large, round and smooth sound. Clad in a warm-up

Lawyers Debate Rights

Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz and one of his former students, high-profile Boston criminal defense attorney Harvey A.

Japan Institute Leader Dies at 74

Nancy M. Deptula, who served more than four decades as an assistant to top Harvard deans and oversaw two prominent