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Harvard Offers to Help Razed Leningrad Library

After a February fire in the Leningrad Library destroyed 400,000 volumes, an group representing American institutions--including Widener Library--recently met with

A Study of Women's Studies

C ONGRATULATIONS TO the man whose opinion piece in The Crimson last week lobbed cheap shots at the Women's Studies


The tales they tell are similar. Each speaks of an innocuous introduction, prolonged contact, and, in many cases surrender to

Donating Your Body for Scientific Research

Need some easy money? How about $500 for six afternoons of sleeping in your bedroom, listening to music, and eating

Pretty Cheap, for a Blackout

Unless you were typing a paper on a computer during last Friday evening's blackout, chances are you survived the incident

Man Who Fought Frosh Gets Six Months in Jail

A 20-year-old Cambridge man was sentenced recently to six months in prison for attacking a freshman October 31. John J.

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