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The 'New Girl Network'

Business is no longer exclusively a male domain, and neither is Harvard Business School. Of the 785 first-year MBA candidates

Dunster St. Open

Dunster St., which has been closed to traffic since Monday, should be open to cars again tomorrow, Massachusetts Bay Transit

"A Woman's Work..."

A WOMB OF ONE'S OWN is Harvard's first sampling of what its creators call "women's theater," i.e. works written, produced,

Judge Drops Charges Against Boston Clamshell Protesters

Charges of criminal trespass on Boston Edison property against three Boston Clamshell members arrested Wednesday will be dropped by a

Dunster Master Search

Dean Fox has compiled a list of 13 to 15 possible candidates for master of Dunster House, John T. Day,

Artist Speaks At Carpenter, Lauds Matisse

"I'm a novelty in that I'm somewhat a product of Harvard and I'm also somewhat of a painter," American artist

Women's Studies Committee Calls For More Courses

The Committee for Women's Studies met yesterday to discuss its plans for the spring semester and to acquaint new members

Freshman Council to Sponsor Workshop on Concentrations

The Freshman Council voted overwhelmingly to co-sponsor an Office of Career Services and Off-Campus Learning (OCS-OCL) workshop on careers and

Spiritual Master Gives Books To the Divinity School Library

Sri Chinmoy, Indian spiritual master and director of the United Nations Meditation Group, gave one copy of each of his

Crichton Speaks at Law Forum Preview of 'Coma'

"They asked me to speak about what I've been doing lately. So instead I decided to show you what I've

Survey Finds Freshmen in Political Center

Most college freshmen consider themselves at the center of the political spectrum, according to a survey released by the American

Freshmen Now Eligible For Most Varsity Teams

As of next year, freshman males in Ivy League colleges will be eligible for all varsity teams except football and

UFW's Fred Ross Speaks to Recruit Union Organizers

Fred Ross of the United Farm Workers (UFW) spoke to approximately 40 students in Emerson Hall last night in an

Institute Panel Discusses New Age Politics in U.S.

"The realm of politics in our society is the realm of powerful ideas and powerful myths," Rick P. Ingrasci, founder