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Clive Remembered

T HE Yiddish word kochleffl might well have been coined to describe Professor of History and Literature John Clive, who

The Education of Henry Adams, 1988

T WO months before entering Harvard, I received a thick packet which contained lengthy pamphlets detailing Harvard's history, the Core

The Final Resolution

T HE Undergraduate Council seems to have a knack for fence straddling. In its half-dozen years of existence, it has

Who's Selling Out?

O NE LONELY day more than a century from now, some poor historian bemoaning his poor luck in a dusty


W HEN HE first took office in 1971, President Bok noted in a speech to the Faculty of Arts and

Why Not the Best?

I T'S A scandal. Each semester undergraduates who come to Harvard expecting to be taught by some of the finest

Courting Disaster

F EW THINGS during the past seven years of Reagan gave this liberal more joy than watching the president's second

A New Tenure System

T HE LAW School is divided, confused, and just plain unsure of what constitutes good scholarship and qualifies a faculty

Just as the Founders Feared

T WO HUNDRED years ago, when the Constitution was drafted and presented to the people for ratification, a bill of

The Core Problem

A S AN IDEA, Harvard's Core curriculum is a fine thing. It represents progress in the field of education, an

Tyranny Across the River

T HE WEATHER may be the same across the river in Boston, but the political climate sure is different. Boston

No Parity at the Quad

O NE WORD comes to mind when I think of the College's attempts to renovate the Radcliffe Quad: disaster. What

An Immigration Disservice

T HE UNITED STATES' worst bureaucracy, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), is at it again. Devoid of compassion and

PACking the Court

N EVER HAVE THE people wielded as much power as they will this Tuesday in California, but the state's most

Unprecedented Attack

A SSISTANT ATTORNEY General William Bradford Reynolds has decided that the Reagan Revolution has not extended far enough into the

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Katie Ledecky in Kazan

The Fan in Kazan

Santa Lucía

Trading Seasons: Spending Summer Break in a Chile Winter