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The Lucky Bag

Armed with a much-needed rest and all manner of evil thoughts, we once again face the fearsome task of going

-: - The Lucky Bag -:-

Agog over having a free drill period tomorrow, we scarcely know what to do with ourselves. Turning somewhat metropolitan, your

The Lucky Bag

Just think of it, we've been here seven long months now--and it only seems if about seven years. Inspired by

The Lucky Bag

Still recovering from the shock of having no report due after last week-end, we march fearlessly forward in our expose

The Lucky Bag

The voyages of A. L. Sammann are now history, but he dissipated look on A.L.s face isn't history. He really

The Lucky Bag

We are much honored again this year to announce the annual meeting of that international fraternity, Sigma Epsilon Chi. The

The Lucky Bag

A recent Jap-like stab in the back by a self styled amateur poet brings us to our feet, pen in

The Lucky Bag

Note to all midshipmen: Don't worry, boys--if you don't make the lower quartile this term, it's very easy to accomplish

The Lucky Bag

Ducking in and out of the sunshine is order to avoid misapprehensions about Beantown's infamous weather, we noticed a few

*The Lucky Bag*

After a prolonged vacation from the published pen, we return--a little more bewildered, perhaps--but we return. "Californiaer," as the people

The Lucky Bag

Now that the K.O. report is in all we have to do is sit back and relax--only finals, psycho tests,

The Lucky Bag

Ever since "Rum and Coca Cola's" ban from the major networks, Joe Sidnor has been frantically searching for a copy

The Lucky Bag

Ah, only three more reports till finals. Think of it, only one due each Saturday, for the next three weeks.


After our prolonged vacation, we again break out the cobwebbed pen and dip it in the inks of time. So

Lucky Bag--

Bleary-eyed, but confident of unsets all around, we sit dreaming of a white Christmas. Yes, before this literary mess again

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