Dennis E. Brown


The Wayward Saint

Perhaps The Wayward Saint might best be described in terms of its theatrical ancestry. Certainly author Paul Vincent Carroll owes



Perhaps the kindest comment a reviewer could make about Sam and Bella Spewack's latest comedy is this: It is not


The Dreaming Dust

In Dennis Johnston's The dreaming Dust, the Poets' Theatre has an imaginative and often appealing play. A re-creation of significant


Witness for the Prosecution

Two years ago Agatha Christie produced a play, The Suspects, which never got past Tremont Street on the road to


Black-Eyed Susan

With Black-Eyed Susan, author A. B. Shiffrin has attempted a play in the genre of The Moon Is Blue. Like


The Living Room

Around the symbolism of The Living Room, Graham Greene has based a highly philosophical play. If his emphasis is on


Bentley and the Theatre: Critic With A Vengeance

To most readers, a collection of play reviews will seem as lifeless as a museum place, and about at topical.


Three Plays by Williams

Faced with a temporary dearth of student plays, the New Theatre Workshop has transferred its experimenting from the realm of


Jamaica Inn

This week the Brattle has lifted an old skeleton from the Hitchcock closet. Jamaica Inn, which bears little resemblance to


Folly To Be Wise

Barring Sir Winston, Alastair Sim is the top performer in Britain today. If Alec Guinness fans disagree, they need only


La Ronde

In La Ronde the French have reduced cinema to its basic ingredient, the seduction scene. Adopted from a play by



In Gilbertian terms, the object of the Winthrop House Music Society is sublime. And this year the production matches the


Revolutionary Gardener

One morning nearly five years after the Russian Revolution of 1917, an article headlined "Professor Sorokin" appeared in Pravda. Written



The admirer of old cars should find Genevieve in automotive paradise. The lover of English comedy will be no less


McCarthy And His Friends

The task of evaluating the record of a man like Joe McCarthy is difficult, especially before the dust of quieter

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