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Police Brutality Review Board Begins, Faces Community Charges of Tokenism

ON NOVEMBER 14 two brothers, Buddy and Edward Walton, were arrested for drunkenness, taken to the Cambridge police station, and

The Moviegoer

At midnight every night this week is being unrolled on the Tremont Theatre screen one of those rough-hewn masterpieces which


One of the best pictures to come to Boston in many a day is being shown this week at the

The Crimson Bookshelf

THE third novel in a series of four this latest work from the pen of Vardis Fisher is a noteworthy

The Crimson Bookshelf

THE subtitle of this work, "The Source and Genesis of Modernistic Art," describes adequately the scope of the book. Mr.

On The Rack

Featured in the January issue is an article on Germany's foreign policy, written by Konstantin Freiherr Von Neurath, Reichminister for


This week's feature attraction is the screen adaptation of last year's musical comedy success "Music in the Air." The music

The Crimson Playgoer

One of the best directed pictures of the season is featured this week at Loew's State. Entitled "We Live Again"

The Crimson Bookshelf

T HIS collection of literary gems from the pen of the Nobel prize winner of 1933 is one of the

The Crimson Bookshelf

B ELIEVING that the course of events since 1929 has "developed among people a new curiosity and a keener critical

The Crimson Playgoer

Heading the bill at the University this week, after several weeks showing in Boston theatres, is the screen version of

The Crimson Bookshelf

S CORNING all rules of writing and adopting as his one maxim, "forget anybody who ever wrote anything" a new

The Crimson Bookshelf

THE publication of a new book of travel by Peter Fleming, author of that fascinating book "Brazlian Adventure," is sure

The Crimson Playgoer

Heading the bill at the University this week is the screen version of the play which won the Pulitzer Prize


Starring the inimitable W. C. Fields the leading picture this week is "You're Telling Me." With only the suggestion of

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