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Royal Blues

I T'S QUITE A CAST of characters. Prince Charles and Princess Diana--the fairy the couple locked in endless quarrels. The

The 1985 Sports Cube Baseball Quiz

Each year The Crimson challenges its readers to take a Baseball quiz at the start of the major league season.

Dean's Office Issues Warning To Follow Copyright Rules

The Dean of the Faculty yesterday distributed a memorandum warning professors to comply with U.S. copyright laws when sending spring

Helms Knocks Out Hunt In North Carolina Brawl

Following are capsule summaries of crucial Senate contests decided yesterday. North Carolina In a race viewed as a referendum on

Reagan: The Importance Of Strong Leadership

LEADERSHIP IS both the rarest and most necessary commodity in American politics. For the past four years, our country has

The 1984 Sports Cube Baseball Quiz

Each year The Crimson challenges its readers to take a Baseball quiz at the start of the major league season.

Putting the Squeeze on Bureaucrats

A sk Serge Lang for his opinion of government auditors and you'll receive a vehement response. "They're out to get

George McGovern

A S THE DEMOCRATIC Presidential nominee in 1972. George s. McGovern stood for active, compassionate government at home, thoughtful, non-interventionist

No Limits to Action

W E ARE PLEASED that the majority has condemned the University's discipline of a select few of the protestors at

Profits Meet Research

"Halfway between a university and an engineering firm" is how Senior Vice President Raymond S. Nickerson describes Cambridge think tank

Roman Revelry

T HERE'S A LOT going on in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, the Kirkland Drama

Keeping Harvard Bonest

H ARVARD'S FINANCIAL STAFF got two places of bud news from the government last month; the University was forced to

Harvard Will Pay Back $4.6 Million In Settlement of Federal Audit Charges

Harvard yesterday agreed to repay $4.6 million to the federal government, settling a year-old charge that the University has mishandled

'Medieval' Farmers Busy at Villa I Tatti

Villa I Tatti, Harvard's center for Renaissance studies outside Florence, Italy, is best known for its exquisite art collection and

Refining Economic Theory at the K-School

Once each month some 20 professors gather at the Kennedy School of Government to debate the theory behind industrial policy,

Big States, Little States

Beyond Boston: Regional Diversity at Harvard

Central Administration

In Op-Ed, Law Profs Call for University Governance Changes

Jeffrey K. McDonough Artwork

Not a 9-to-5 Job

Advising Programs Office Under Construction

Freshman Advising: Under Construction