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A Remedy for Guilt

T HOUGH augmented by careful research and usually the product of intense scholarship, historical analysis is ultimately a subjective process.

No More Cubas

W HILE JEANNE KIRKPATRICK'S foreign policy may be too harshly pragmatical to be morally justifiable, as well as being overly

H/R Blood Drive May Set Record In Pints Donated

A record number of donors have registered to give blood in the Harvard-Radcliffe December blood drive, to be held in

Involuntary Crimes

...It is a disagreeable custom to which one is too easily led by the harshness of the discussions, to assume

Talking up Security

While Harvard students may still not feel secure in their rooms or on the streets, police statistics show that reports

Security Survey

Harvard will distribute a survey to students and employees to assess the performance of the University Police, Daniel Steiner '54,

Speaking Out on the Job

Four years ago, Laurence Malin held no grudges against McLean Hospital. All he wanted to do was to write down

State House Stops New Prison Plans

The chairman of the state legislature's House Ways and Means Committee yesterday stopped a Department of Corrections proposal to use

Out-of-Town News to Move To New Quarters on Friday

The Out-of-Town News Agency will move into a newsstand on wheels Friday night to accomodate construction on the Massachusetts Bay

Television Future

Two speakers discussed the future of public broadcasting in the face of rapidly changing television technology at the Cambridge Forum

Prison Speech

Focusing on the similarities in the lives of monks and prisoners, the director of a prison project told a group

Today in Washington

Washington, March 27, 1934. T HE beginning of a true democracy of labor may be seen in the constructive program

Today in Washington

A new principle of taxation which, if adopted, would demoralize the laws of supply and demand and tend to break

Today in Washington

T HE power of compulsion by the President over the automobile industry is much more limited today than it was

Today in Washington

Washington, March 23, 1934. M ANY a President of the United States has had to deal with industrial strife in