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House of Wax

With the advent of three-dimensional films, the motion picture industry has made giant strides. Such great strides, in fact, that

The Moviegoer

Two men share the credit for the excellence of "A Place in the Sun." One, of course, is Theodore Dreiser,

Saturday Night in Scollay Square: Burlies, Girlies, Bars, and Bums

Before new students come to Harvard they hear a great deal about the cultural riches of Boston; unfortunately most men

Radcliffe Survives Years of Sneers

"We Radcliffe girls are a long suffering group, but under the kind of persecution we have received at Harvard's hands,

The Playgoer

The current play at the Brattle, Henri Rene Lenormand's "He and She," may strike some people as a tragedy of

Statistics Reveal '26's Abnormalities

Thirteen (13) percent of the Class of '26 has been in jail. This startling figure comes to light today with

The Playgoer

Since the Brattle Theatre Company has shown in "The Country Girl" that Restoration comedy can be sparkling and enjoyable in

The Moviegoer

The latest in a long string of British little-boy movies is here. "The Magnet" is just as heart-warming as the

The Moviegoer

The best argument against the arbitrary banning of films by pressure groups and evil authorities is now in Boston. It

The Playgoer

The Harvard Theatre Group's production of "Darkness at Noon" is undoubtedly the finest undergraduate dramas presented at Harvard in more

The Moviegoer

The essence of Danny Kaye's comedy is his frenzied performance. You may admire his perfect timing and his uncanny sense

Crowd Watches 'Poon Balloon Burst

A crowd of about 2,000 gathered at 1 p.m. yesterday to watch the Lampoon's attempted balloon ascension to the moon.

The Moviegoer

There is no need to tell anyone that Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" is a masterpiece. All that remains, then,

The Yeomen of the Guard

The spectacle of eight mustachioed Beefeaters singing through their mutton-chops ought to be enough to warm the cockles of anybody's

The Playgoer

Unfortunately, "Courtin' Time" lives up to its name. It is a latter day "Oklahoma," but without any of the deftness