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Believing that it had a movie of "special interest to the college student," Twentieth Century Fox staged a special snap

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"Night Must Fall" since its premiere three years ago, has graduated from first-run originality into the revival class which must

The Crimson Bookshelf

T HE purpose of the editor in the presentation of this volume of contemporary periodical literature has been, in his

The Crimson Bookshelf

W RITTEN by a young man of varied experiences, this second published novel brings new laurels to the already famous

The Crimson Playgoer

A good medley of all former spy-pictures can now be seen at the Uptown Theatre. The merits of "I Was


Peter Standish  Leslie Howard Helen Pettigrew  Heather Angel Mr. Balderston's charming and successful play has lost little in its transition to the

The Crimson Playgoer

This reviewer entered the awesome Loew's State theatre prepared to sigh for what might have been; to long for the

The Crimson Playgoer

"The late Mr. Christopher Bean" says nothing whatever about fundamental principles of love and life, neither does it provide abundant

The Crimson Playgoer

The possibility of seeing Joan Crawford in a South Sea setting, as the "painted" woman in a tropical "cloud-burst of


M R. Scarborough has just written the perfect handbook and guide to the English mentality and its offspring, to be

The Crimson Playgoer

In "Charles and Mary," Joan Temple's play based on the life of the Lambs, the Harvard Dramatic Club made a


"The Star Witness", one half the bill which is being shown at the University, is a film which owes its


There are three ingredients in this fruit cocktail. Take the author of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and her husband, John Emerson,


"What have theories to do with love? ", she queried and the curtains dropped. The answer obviously enough, is nothing,


JEB STUART. By John W. Thomason Jr. Charles Scribner's Sons. New York. 1930. Price: $5.00. I HAVE tried to be

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