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Final Club Owes City $34,541 in Back Taxes

The Delphic Club, one of Harvard's nine selective, all-male social clubs, reportedly owes the City of Cambridge $34,541.78 in unpaid

'Stealing' for Research

I N AN ETHICS course taught last semester, a professor presented an age-old problem to his students. If a man

Design School Grants Tenure To Professor From Spain

Hark! The Herald Angels see, A new prof in the GSD* The man's from Spain, oh, mercy mild, The GSD

Faculty Votes to Award Degrees Posthumously

The Faculty agreed yesterday in a near-unanimous voice vote to grant posthumous degrees to students-who die after completing degree requirements

Waiting for the White Smoke: A Peek at Harvard's Tenure Searches

An Overview T enure searches at Harvard are said to be a serious, stately matter, with built-in checks and balances

Botanical Beast Or Buddy?

They invade farmland, they cause cancer, and they may hold the key to the production of a host of futuristic

Astronomer Advances Novel Theory On Star Formation

This is the final installment in a six-part series on astronomy research at Harvard. Astronomers have recently discovered that stars

Bringing Dead Stars Back to Life

This is the third in a series of six articles on astronomy research at Harvard. In the year 1006, the

Something Strange? Who Ya Gonna Call?

About a year ago, a retired school teacher and amateur astronomer in England sighted an object in the sky traveling

A Cure for Cancer?

A recent series of startling discoveries led in last by Professor of Cellular and Developmental Biology Raymond L. Erikson is

Where Are We Going To?

P REPARE FOR launch, American public; the term "space-age" may not refer to the future any longer. Space travel has

Technology Bureaucracy

A T 8 A.M. Mr. X wakes up to the sound of his high powered Sanyo alarm. By 8:15 a.m.

Harvard Scientists Compete For Funding of Software Lab

Harvard scientists have teamed up with four New England research institutions in an attempt to win government support for a

Caffeine Kills Insects, Scientist Says

If you've ever wondered why you never get a fly in your coffee, a Harvard scientist has finally come up

A Sleaze Overdose

L IKE "SLIME" and "grime," "sleaze" contains the sound of its meaning. Like "grease" and "squeeze," it's suggestive--onomatopoetic. Moreover, all