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Lowell is Top Pick in Freshmen Housing Poll Though Many Students Are Still Undecided

Lowell House will most likely be the top choice among freshmen in this year's housing lottery according to a Crimson

Council Acts on Internal Policy, Hears Jewett on Financial Aid

The Undergraduate Council last night devoted most of its meeting to internal policy matters, ranging from a decision against reconsidering

Cuts in Summer Storage Space Less Severe Than Predicted

Summer storage privileges will not be curtailed as severely as some administrators had predicated last month. College officials said yesterday.

Open Meetings Set

After a term of debate over whether to bar members of the public and press form observing its meetings, the

Faculty to Consider Proposal For Computer Sciences Major

The Faculty will this spring consider a proposal to establish a formal concentration in Computer Sciences. Officials said yesterday, however,

Resisters of Registration May Get Aid

In response to recently proposed federal rules linking draft registration to financial aid, the University apparently will decide soon to

'Love Monsters' Take First In Council's 'Battle' of Bands

The "Battle of the Bands," the Undergraduate Council's first social event, went off without a hitch Saturday night, following a

Council Working to Become Effective

The Undergraduate Council starts off its second semester tomorrow night with the election of new officers, and student leaders and

Student Judges Set For Band Concert

The head of the Undergraduate Council yesterday worked to gather a panel of student judges for its band competition tonight,

42 Students Transfer Houses As Policy Debate Continues

Severe crowding in the Houses forced a decline in the number of students permitted to transfer between the residential dorms

New Prescription Debated For Biotechnology Policy

Two years ago, when Harvard and decided against entering the genetics business with one of its professor, a host of

A Modest Proposal

I T'S RLLATIVELY EASY to forget how lucky the U.S. is to have aggressive reporters and intense media competition, what

Rudolph, E. T., and Johnny Cash

W hen visiting Los Angeles on business earlier this year. E. T. reportedly told movie producer Steven Spielberg of his

Seven-Year Med Proposal Moves Ahead

Medical School officials will soon complete a preliminary plan for an experimental, seven-year medical program--slated to begin in September 1984--that

Passing the Buck on Q-RAC

A S THE GAME is played at Harvard Stadium today, an equally fierce battle continues to simmer along a five