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Knafel Wants Others To Imitate Him

When you've got nothing you've got nothing to lose. So sang Bob Dylan about destitution. Sidney R. Knafel '52 has

Hauser Draws Women To Fund Drive

The donors gathered in New York for Wednesday's capital campaign update had three things in common--money, white hair and neck

Flush With Campaign Funds, University Looking to Spend

A dean could do a lot with a billion dollars. Although Harvard administrators have been wholly focused on fundraising for

University Exceeds $2.1B Campaign Goal

NEW YORK--Harvard's capital campaign has raised $2.325 billion--three months before its scheduled end and $225 million in excess of the

Fundraising Leaders Strategize For Future Drives

NEW YORK--At a celebration yesterday in the nation's financial center, Harvard's most generous benefactors and prominent administrators gathered to pat

$2.1 Billion Goal Reached in Cap. Campaign

It's an announcement more than five years in the making. This afternoon, under the mounted moose and elephant heads of

University Poised to Meet Campaign Goal

For the last five years, Harvard University been on a mission to raise an unprecedented $2.1 billion from its alumni

Billy Graham Asks Students to Respect Cross

The Reverend Billy Graham, 80 years old and suffering from Parkinson's disease, grasped the lectern before an electrified congregation in

Prince Andrew Visits Campus

The Secret Service, usually traveling in an entourage of American-made Chevrolet Suburbans and Lincoln Towncars, yesterday descended on Harvard with

Harvard Investors Post Low Returns on Endowment Investments

For Harvard University, this year's bull market proved disappointing. For the first time in six years, Harvard has fallen short

Taipei Mayor Slows Independence Push

Ma Ying-jeou returned to his old stomping grounds at Harvard Law School, where he had picked up his doctorate nearly

Harvard Takes Aggressive Stance on Campus Student Group Names

For more than a century and a half, the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to

Financial Aid Director Miller Heads to Brown

Financial aid at Harvard has changed, and after 20 years in Cambridge, Harvard's longest serving Financial Aid Director, James S.

Where Old News Goes to Die

In a shadowed corner of the lobby at the National Press Club, someone set up a relic for display. Cast

Harvard as number one

T he times they are a-changing. At the turn of the century, higher education in America made a dramatic transformation