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The Best and Worst of Soldiers Field

Quack-quack. Today is my last day as lame-duck sports editor of The Crimson. It may also be my last day

Disaster at the IAB

Basketball co-captain Bob Hooft sat slumped on a bench in the funeral parlor of a post-game lockerroom at the IAB

Pucksters, Cagers Get Mixed Results

AMHERST, Mass.--The prognosis on the Harvard Basketball team's facelift operation will have to be delayed just a bit. Coach Frank

It's All-Ivy Time

The only thing more disappointing than the recent Crimson football season is the fact that I don't get a vote

Yale Runs Past Harvard, 35-28

There wasn't all that much at stake, really -- oh, a few individual records maybe, but not the Ivy title,

The Season Begins and Ends Today

Think about the number of really enchanted days you spend each year. Sit down, now, think about it: there's Thanksgiving,

Crimson Survives Quaker Scare, 17-13

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.--More and more, it seems, the word to describe the '78 Crimson football season is bizarre. And bizarre it

Crimson to Battle Quakers

Tomorrow's football game at Penn presents something of a new twist on the age-old Philadelphia joke: Q: What's worse than

Just Once I'd Like to See...

I'm depressed. For one thing, I saw the weirdest thing I've seen in four years of avid Harvard sports spectating

Jim Langton: Cool Fullback

If an opposing school were to write up a scouting report on Harvard soccer captain and sweeperback Jim Langton, it

Gridders Still Optimistic

The Crimson football team--still posting a series of injuries from the Princeton game and before--worked out the kinks from Saturday's

Gridders Collectively Kiss Sisters, 24-24

It was like something out of a bad dream, really. One expected to wake up momentarily and find out that,

Not a 'Dear John' Letter

After writing my mother a letter in last week's column, I fully expected a reply from the ol' gal to

Harvard's Line Is All Right

When one thinks about Mike Clark and Joe Kross, one thinks not so much about their accomplishments on the football

Dear Mom,

October 21, 1978 Mrs. Inez Donley 326 N. 27th St. Allentown, Pa. 18104 Dear Mom, As I'm sure you know,