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Killing the House System

T HOUSANDS OF ALUMNI converged on Cambridge this week to stay for a few days in the undergraduate houses they

A Liberal Pro-Life Group

"W HO ARE THEY?" "Are they serious?" "Is that a pink triangle on their banner?" "They," the members of Gays

An Open Letter to Neil Rudenstine

Editor's Note: This is the first is an occasional series of open letters to President Neil L. Rudenstine to offer

Let the Community Decide

The staff position cloaks its virulent antireligious bias none too well. Although it feigns agreement with President Neil L. Rudenstine's

The Bee Lie

B ROTHERS AND SISTERS, I'm here to talk about the Bee. Not the semi-secret social club. Not the second letter

Maus II's Provocative Return to Auschwitz

After a five-year wait, comics enthusiasts who don't regularly read Raw, the underground comics' best magazine, can at last read

A Black Mark (et)

S CENE: A Moscow street. Fruit vendors sell ripe pears and grapes to grateful Moscovites out of the back of

Morality is Not Paternalism

H ATE SPEECH; Condescension; Collaborating with Hateful People; Lending My Good Name to an Evil Publication; Paternalism; Being Patronizing; since

Not Just Because God Said So

I cannot presume to speak for Peninsula's Council. I certainly do not speak for the one Peninsula writer other than

Kill It Before It Breeds

O N TUESDAY, the voters of Washington State defeated Initiative 119, which would have legalized what proponents euphemistically termed "aid-in-dying."

Not All Men Are Scum

O K, I'VE HAD IT. Turnabout is fair play and it's time for me, as a man, to yell back

Stop Picking on Scabs

U NIONS WARM many a Harvard student's heart. Mention "union" and an image of the worker getting just desserts rises

A Poignant Catalogue of Comics

Comics aren't just for the funny papers anymore. Although profound and absurdist cartoons are as old as Thomas Nast's Tamnammy

Speaking Loudly and Carrying a Big Stick

He's soft spoken in conversation. But when riled, he becomes passionate. And his friends--and opponents--remark that he is hardly one

Tsongas's Plan for Prosperity

P AUL TSONGAS, former senator from Massachusetts and hopeful economic saviour of the good ol' U.S. of A., will officially