Esther Dyson


The Other Thriller

A FEW WEEKS AGO Newsweek's letters section carried a complaint from a reader claiming that the reviewer's disclosure of the



B RAZIL IS notorious for its continuous political upheavals and its rigid censorship, but its filmmakers are now in the


Ruby Ha Ha

A S MOVIES GET more and more scholarly attention, the audience becomes more highly educated, upper-middle-class, intellectual, leaving the All


Wired for Success

T HERE'S A SLEW of intriguing questions left unanswered even after the finalstring-tying pages of The Terminal Man. Who will



I N MY ADAMS HOUSE bathroom I have two towels; not Gordon Linen, but "B rough of Camden." They come


A State of Welfare

I I N ENGLAND old-age pensioners--OAPs-- get all kinds of benefits in addition to their rather meager pensions. During non-rush


Film-Makers Plan Boston Newsreel

Four local film-makers are currently shooting a pilot film and raising funds for a fortnightly Boston-area newsreel scheduled to begin


Barrie P.

B ARRIE PATTISON--for several months I visited him once or twice a week in his little room before I realized


Doctor Scott

D UBIOUS ASSUMPTIONS lie under the most tantalizing metaphors, works of art, philosophical arguments. Last summer my boss, a journalist,


What Every Girl Wants

I N THE forties, I thought, people went to movies they could believe in--in both senses. There were the old


Put It Together, Ivan

G EORGE SEGAL, in my estimation, is born to win, but in this movie he's been given a crooked deal.


Love and Waterbeds

Erich Segal, the famed runner who finished the Boston Marathon last week with a time of under three hours, has


Homage to Beckett Theatre

OBSCURITY is usually annoying: if someone has something to say, he should say it, and not hedge around with poetic


Diary of a Mad Housewife gone, but will be back next month

EFFECTIVE propaganda is invariably simple-minded: nuances leave room for doubts, subtlety leaves room for interpretation. Frank and Eleanor Perry, who


Vidal Campaigns For New Party

Gore Vidal, author and social critic, said last week that the "bankruptcy of American two-party government" has turned him into


Earth Movers

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