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Bring Back Mac

R ICHMOND, VA.--If you had asked me while I was at Harvard exactly what it was that Dean Dunlop did.

Neo-fascist Movies

I T HAS BEEN obvious for a long time that American filmmakers are unable to deal with the politics of

A Parting Shot

T he last veteran of the American Civil War died on December 19, 1959. His name was Walter Williams and

Hyland Freed, Deported From Prison in Mexico

After three months in a Mexico City jail, Richard E. Hyland '69-70 was released by Mexican authorities December 20. Hyland--who

FBI Seeks Chinatown Informers

A leaflet, written in Chinese and asking newly arrived Chinese immigrants to inform the FBI of any "subversive activities," has

Rusty Calley: His Follies and Fortunes

R usty Calley has evoked unpleasant responses from almost all elements of American society: professional members of the silent majority

Former Harvard Student Seized as Rebel in Mexico

Richard E. Hyland '69-70, once a prominent member of Harvard's radical movement, has been arrested by Mexican police for alleged

...And Larry DiCara Passes the First Test

L arry DiCara, Harvard '71, guessed exactly where he would finish in last, week's City Council primary before returns had

...And Larry DiCara Passes the First Test

L arry DiCara, Harvard '71, guessed exactly where he would finish in last week's City Council primary before returns had

Meditations on a Quiet Year

The stars are dead; the animals will not look; We are left alone with our day, and time is short

Looking Backward, 1971-1970

The News of the Year in Review Teach-In Disruption The pro-war "Counter Teach-In" seemed an unlikely crisis at first: it

Pusey Baccalaureate Speech Berates Youth

About 200 members of the Harvard and Radcliffe graduating classes, participating in the first joint Harvard and Radcliffe Baccalaureate ceremony,

Harvard to Spend $10,000 For Filling 'Muddy Pond'

Harvard is currently filling in the "Muddy Pond"-a marshy waterhole in the Jamaica Plain in which two small children drowned

Stanford 'Daily' Sues Police

The Stanford Daily-Stanford's student newspaper-filed suit in a Federal court yesterday to prevent a recurrence of a raid on its

Antiwar Groups to Stage Protests Here

Boston groups will stage antiwar demonstrations today and tomorrow. Today's will be a Moratorium-style rally on the Boston Common. Tomorrow

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize