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The Sleeping Car Murder

It is night, Thrown together in a sleeping compartment on the 10:30 from Marseilles are a frustrated clerk obsessed with

A Man's A Man

The first course in a two-week Harvard Brechfest, A Man's a Man much resembles a glass of orange juice: acid,

Finian's Rainbow

The passage of time has faded Finian's Rainbow. Its fantasy minces, its humor stumbles, its message plods. Its plot--which genially


So many characters in Thunderball are knifed, shot, speared, strangled, gassed, drowned, fried, eaten, or blown to smithereens that one

Under Mills Wood

Though written for radio, Under Milk Wood surely deserves live public performance; yet, I would have thought it obvious that


Nightmares are frightening because they make the bizarre inescapably logical, and any work of art dealing in horror and suspense

The Married Woman

"Plotless," "pretentious," and "pointedly avant garde" are all perfectly accurate epithets for The Married Woman, and I only wish I

Throne of Blood

Though "based on" Macbeth, Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood retains only the psychology and basic plot. Gone is the poetry

Has Success Spoiled John LeCarre? Is the Big Question of Second Novel

The Looking Glass War is either a good book with serious flaws or a bad one with unusual virtues, and

State's High Court Approaches Ruling On Arboretum Suit

The lengthy, bitter, and complex Arnold Arboretum case entered its final phase yesterday as arguments were heard in the Commonwealth's

Faculty Accord Likely On Scheffler Proposals

Senior faculty members at the Graduate School of Education were nearly unanimous yesterday in endorsing the Scheffler Report. Most doubled

The Knack...

The Knack...and How to Get It is an utterly delightful movie about callousness, maladjustment, repression, and revenge; and if these

University 'Satisfied' With HSA; Charter Books to Be Kept Secret

Close study of a Harvard Student Agencies report on European charter flights has left the University "entirely satisfied with the

Fellowships for GSAS To Be Larger in '65-6

The University will increase the size of its graduate fellowships this year to make them competitive with Federal fellowships offered

University to Study HSA Flights; Agency May Have Violated Rules

"Very much disturbed" by charges of illegality and excessive profits, Dean Watson has asked the Harvard Student Agencies, Inc., to