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Mrs. Bunting and the Girls

There was no substantive issue or philosophy difference between students and administration, but the quickness with which the disagreement escalated

Pat Brown

In many respects, Edmund "Pat" Brown fits the comic strip caricature of a politician. Heavy-set and florid, he talks in

Miscalculation Has Become A Bad Habit

As Berkeley's 27,000 students returned from a long Christmas recess last week, administrators, a few faculty members, and student government

Georgy Girl

Throughout Georgy Girl, three girls sitting behind me sniffed into their kleenex and morosely ate chocolate kisses, one at a

Robert Scheer

"Whaddya mean, 'What does a peace campaign prove'?" the bearded little man flashed at me, as we turned into the

McNamara Sees Lottery As A Way To End Present Draft Injustices

In his only on-the-record appearance this week, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara suggested Monday that a national lottery "would

Kennedy Family Attends Institute Ceremonies; Lindsay, McNamara Named Center Associates

The relatives, confidants, and advisors of the late President Kennedy gathered in Cambridge yesterday to celebrate the establishment of the

The Endless Summer

Eight years ago, Bruce Brown began traveling through Southern California to show his 16mm surfing film, Slippery When Wet, to

Reagan Juggles Birchers and Moderates While Brown Expects His Usual Miracle

No one wants to put money on this fight. Reagan leads Brown by three or four percent, with nearly 20

Poet Robert Lowell Will Receive Honorary Degree

Act Robert Lowell, visiting professor of English, will be awarded an honorable degree at Commencement exercises on Thursday, over the

PBH Group to Arouse Interest in Poverty War

The Phillips Brooks House Association has established a committee to recruit Cambridge residents to participate to neighborhood planning for federal

Advocate' Centennial Anthology: A Mere Curiosity Proving Most Young Writers Are Thieves or Bores

Reading the Advocate Anthology is like re-reading your freshman Gen Ed papers three years later; it simply embarrasses you. The

Betty Freidan

When the other Law School Forum panelist steered the discussion away from the "feminine mystique," Betty Friedan closed her rheumy,

PBH Volunteers Strive to Understand Problems, Fears of American Indians

To reach Supai, Arizona, you turn off Highway 66 at Peach Springs, follow the mail truck 65 miles across the

Dressler Does Everything But Likes the Backcourt

Gene Dressler might be the archetypal "scrappy little backcourt man," except for one thing: in the Crimson's season openers last