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Michael Lerner


Had Khrushchev Died

For a few hours Monday afternoon, Nikita Khrushchev seemed dead. The Pacific Coast Stock Exchange reacted to the news with


Theodore Sorensen

When Theodore Sorensen moved into Leverett Towers, he secluded himself in a sparsely furnished tutor's suite with some books and


Senator on Horseback

The people who took polls to determine what will happen in New Hampshire's presidential preference primary today asked their questions


Seven Days in May

I have always had the feeling there was once a distinction between propaganda and art--maybe there never was. Art contains


A Discreet, Unsatisfactory Critical Analysis of Auden

W.H. Auden remarked once that he was "suspicious of criticism as the literary genre which, more than any other, recruits


Boycott's Repercussions

Students who watched the "freedom stay-out" Wednesday at boycott headquarters, freedom schools, or the City Hall rally reported three impressions.


Ted Sorensen Arrives, Accepts Leverett Suite

Theodore C. Sorensen, long-time adviser to the late President Kennedy, arrived at the University yesterday afternoon for a stay of


De Gaulle's Chance

When President de Gaulle begins his visit to Latin America in three weeks, he will be making his boldest bid


Point of Order

The genial smile and beastly features of his face on the television remains a faint memory for many of us


Ted Sorensen to Live In Leverett This Term

Theodore C. Sorensen will come to Harvard and reside in Leverett House this term, reliable sources in Cambridge and Washington


Barry And The Lady

Sen. Barry Goldwater has shown himself a bad tactician in the New Hampshire presidential primary. Now the contest is less


Beatles on Tube Stop Our Heart

The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan last night. Our collective heart went boom as the group rocked its way through


Latin American Panel Honors Figueres

Two Latin American ambassadors failed to appear at a discussion of Latin American political problems Friday night. Enrique Tejera of


Hughes on History

"How do I know what I think 'till I see what I say," Alfred North Whitehead quoted someone as saying.


Governor Brown

Edmund G. Brown, governor of California, is an extraordinary politician. You know that he is a politician the instant he

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven