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B-School Prof Needed In Football Lawsuit

A Business School professor will give expert testimony this summer in a landmark lawsuit over the future of professional football.

Dinosaur Digger Unearths `Fossilgate'

Not much happens in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, population 1800. Until last summer, that is, when two American paleontologists decided to

12 Journalists Appointed To '86-'87 Nieman Spots

The Harvard-affiliated Nieman Foundation, a program for select mid-career journalists, this week announced the 12 members of the 49th class

Intercollege Band Battle Fought Tonight At Union

The Harvard band "Bored of Education" seeks to crush its MIT, Brandeis, and Boston University opponents tonight, during the second-annual

Handing Out Diplomas at The Paper Chase

Law school is a tough place. So it's not too surprising that it takes some people a little longer to

As Time Goes By

In case you didn't see this notice before last Sunday night's meeting, here's what you missed: 7:44 Undergraduate Council Chairman

House Film Societies: Mini Moguls of Movie Industry

New York has Greenwich Village for weird, farout movies and revivals, Cambridge has the Orson Welles, and Harvard has, well,

Travesty for Two

Y OU CAN'T HAVE it both ways. Students are always complaining about the ineffectiveness of the Undergraduate Council. This semester

Few Attend Council's Forum

An Undergraduate Council forum to field constituent complaints ended almost as soon as it began last night when only seven

Widow Of Martin Luther King To Speak For Divinity School

Noted civil rights activist Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr., will speak at Harvard on March

OCS To File Corporate Newsletter

The Office of Career Services (OCS) said yesterday that it will keep on file a recent student report on corporate

AIDS Expert Predicts Massive Epidemic

A Medical School professor said last night that within the next decade AIDS will spread to millions of individuals in

Students Say Yes to Divestment, Support Council Action on Issue

Two out of three students think the University should sell its stock in companies with ties to South Africa according

Referendum Voting Starts Today

Voting begins today on an Undergraduate Council referendum on divestment. Students will have the opportunity to vote in their house

3 Cleared Of Disorder Charges

Three undergraduates earlier this month declined to contest charges of disorderly conduct stemming from a December 7 disturbance at Wellesley