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Scientist's Organic Synthesis Techniques Widely Used for Production of Antibiotics

A method of synthetically producing certain antibiotics that also occur in nature has been widely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Discovery to Eliminate Complications Occurring in Tissue Transplantation

A Harvard researcher has discovered a way to treat cells that prevents the body's immune system from attacking the cells

D'Souza Slams P.C. 'Posturing'

A former editor of the Dartmouth Review said Tuesday night he believes that the "public posturing" of "politically correct" advocates

Students Rally Against War

The Harvard Students Against War in the Middle East (SAWME) rallied outside the Science Center yesterday, criticizing the U.S. presence

Computers Monitor War

Dissatisfied with American media's coverage of the Gulf war, some members of the Harvard community have turned to an international

Pizza Ring Employee Shot in Robbery Sat.

An employee of a popular pizza delivery service was shot in the arm during a robbery Saturday night at the