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Faculty May Consider Credit Drama Course

The Faculty Committee on Dramatics is willing to consider a proposal to offer an undergraduate course for credit in dramatic

Admissions Office Asks More New Scholarships

The Financial Aid office will seek a substantial increase in the number of freshman scholarships next year to counter the

Office of Financial Aid Will Handle New Rents

The new rent adjustment fund will be handled by the Financial Aid Office after all. Fred L. Glimp '50, dean

Pusey Says University Won't Remodel Houses

President Pusey yesterday ruled out the possibility that the University will do any large scale remodeling of the old upperclass

Educating Teachers

It would hardly be fair to call James Bryant Conant's new book a disappointment. The Education of American Teachers tackles

Conant Book Neglects Recruitment, Belittles M.A.T., Ed Professor Says

President Emeritus James B. Conants new book, The Education of American Teachers, places too much emphasis on the training of

Murder at the Gallop

Margaret Rutherford, the nemesis of criminals and criminal chasers alike, has returned to battle, in Murder at the Gallop she

Faculty Laud New Teaching Plan

Senior Faculty members agreed yesterday that using teaching fellows in middle group courses was a worthwhile experiment that could improve

NDEA: Progress Report

Educators, who are rarely given to bursts of enthusiasm over anything, may one day get down on their hands and

NDEA Gives Harvard $250,000; Other Colleges Suffer Big Cuts

Harvard is receiving $250,000 in National Defense Education loan funds for 1963-64, the same as last year, despite widespread cuts

Attorney-General Brooke Says Crime Panel Legal

Attorney General Edward W. Brooke moved yesterday to clear the name of the Massachusetts Crime Commission, temporarily sullied by the

College Seeks End to Long Chow Lines

Dean Ford held out hope yesterday that the long lines in House dining halls after 1 p.m.--and the even longer

Harvard, Yale Students to Issue New Invitations to Gov. Wallace

Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, a possible candidate for the Presidency in 1964, picked up support in key northeastern cities

New Wallace Invitation Expected at Yale Today

The Wallace Affair continued to simmer at Yale University yesterday. Sources in New Haven reported last night that student groups

Price Delivers Initial Sermon In Term Here

An Episcopal minister assumed the pulpit in Memorial Church yesterday morning with a pledge "to explore and develop the long