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Hyphenation Begets Tokenism

W hen I was a kid, my ethnicity--I was born in the United States to Chinese parents--made me "Chinese." Later,

Fighting for Democracy

M artin Lee has one of the world's most thankless jobs: crusading for democracy in Hong Kong. The 57-year-old lawyer

Doubting the Death Penalty

T here was a time when capital punishment was a legitimate issue in national politics. The debate could be found

Welfare Reform for the Rich

L ast Friday, Texas Senator Phil Gramm became the first Republican officially to throw his hat into the Presidential ring.

Covering Homophobia

L ast Friday, Federal civil-rights mediators descended on the town of Ovett, Mississippi to take on their first gay-harassment case.

Clinton's Reluctant Donkey

A t the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Seattle, Bill Clinton welcomed Asian heads of state in down-home style. The

Sharing in the Kennedy Mystique

T oday is the 30th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy '40. Expect to hear this question a

Fear and Cloning

P erhaps you missed it in the crunch of midterms, but the Brave New World arrived a few weeks ago.

Resume-itis and the Summer Job Crisis

W hy did I come to Harvard? It's a question, I suppose, whose answer I should know by now. And

Honor Societies May Merge

Members of the Harvard and Radcliffe chapters of Phi Beta Kappa met this week to discuss the possible merger of

News Briefs

How much would you say a John Kenneth Galbraith rookie is worth? Thanks to the "Economist Greats" trading cards released

The Vulgar Generation

H uh-huh. Huh-huh. You might not realize it yet, but that's the sound of American culture dying. Just take a