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More Than They Bargained For

Controversy Surrounding the Kennedy School of Government's Widely-Publicized 'Grand Bargain' Plan for Soviet Economic Reform Rages On In the Wake

While You Were Away...

HELLO, RUDY TUESDAY On July 1, shortly before noon, Neil L. Rudenstine showed up for the first day of work

Appointments to Make, Appointments to Keep

President Neil L. Rudenstine has been a busy man since he took office July 1. He has had people to

1650 First-Years to Register Today

First-year registration is always a little bit unique, according to Assistant Registrar for Scheduling Joseph D. Maruca. First-year students tend

Rudenstine at Harvard (The First Time)

A lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge since junior English professor Neil L. Rudenstine left Harvard in

Throwing Himself Into The Job

President-designate Neil L. Rudenstine is hitting the ground running. Since he was named Harvard's 26th president late last March, Rudenstine

The Rudenstine Vision

Every 20 years or so, a new president takes the helm of Harvard University with visionary plans to build or

The Man Behind the Lab Coat

Membership in a space allocation committee is not a credit most high-level scientists seek for their resumes. But it's precisely

His Days Are Numbered

You might expect an outgoing university president to take a little time out to savor his remaining days in office.

Radcliffe: The Unanswered Question

T HEY THINK they've really done it this time. Radcliffe officials hope that a report they issued recently, outlining "Directions

After 20 Years of Harvard Protests, The Lawyer Behind the Lawyer to Step Down

But ending the fray is as much about staying out of the fray, explained one top Harvard official recently. If

From Harvard to Princeton And Back Again Once More

Neil L. Rudenstine has been approached by presidential search committees before, and each time he has declined to become a

Neil L. Rudenstine: Renaissance Scholar, Mellon Foundation Vice President And, Quite Possibly, The Next President Of Harvard

Neil L. Rudenstine has been approached by presidential search committees before, and each time he has declined to become a

God Only Knows

Does this man know something we don't know? Probably. But does he know who the next president of Harvard will

Fa-a-a From Paradise

As the airplane landed in Papeete, a middle-aged man sitting across the aisle leaned over to offer some unsolicited advice.