Richard Blumenthal


NSA Congress Opens Under TV Lights

Normally, David Langsam couldn't get an audience of more than 200 people even as president this year of Columbia University's


SDS Shifting From Protest to Organizing

The least successful SDS projects so far, as SDS intellectuals are aware, have been those dealing with the middle class.


Complex Problems; No One Had Answers

It was September 15, 1963--four days before the freshmen were officially to become freshmen--that the class of 1967 undertook its


Student Leaders Write 2nd Letter To Johnson Criticizing War Aims

The student leaders who met recently with Secretary of State Dean Rusk have written another letter to President Johnson, expressing



U P IN the State Department press room, the Associated Press reporter furrowed his brow as he argued with his


Campus Leaders to Meet Rusk, Write Letters to Johnson, Rusk

NEW YORK CITY, Jan. 29 -- The student leaders who will meet with Secretary of State Dean Rusk Tuesday have


How Much Division Is the Draft Creating?

The draft is now splitting a generation--dividing the young men coming of age in this decade into two distinct groups


Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford has the speech well-memorized. When the talk turns to the last election, the minority, leader flashes a friendly


McNamara: Test of Will

The Secretary of Defense did not especially want to talk about the war, and he suggested somewhat apologetically before WHRB


McNamara Sees Lottery As A Way To End Present Draft Injustices

In his only on-the-record appearance this week, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara suggested Monday that a national lottery "would


Professor Vorenberg Directs Presidential Fight Against Crime

The leading general in President Johnson's War on Crime is no fire-eating, cigar-chomping prosecutor, willing to work with existing laws


Summer School Project Set for Negro Students

Twenty Negroes from Southern colleges will study here this summer under a new program organized jointly by Harvard, Yale, and


Reformers Seek Ways to Correct Inefficiency, Inequity in the Draft

Only six months ago a special committee appointed by the President submitted a top-secret report proposing that the Selective Service


Edward Wilcox

Ted Wilcox picks up an idea in conversation, quints at it, kicks it around, then carves away the academic dressing


Lewis B. Hershey

Turning from hand to hand at a crowded reception, the General pours out conversation--his lower chin ripples, his legs spread

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