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HDC Executives Question Own Power

Two executives of the Harvard Dramatic Club yesterday attacked the undemocratic selection of Loeb productions the five-man executive committee. Charles

Repeal of State Teachers' Oath Asked

The Massachusetts' Teachers' Loyalty Oath came under attack Wednesday, when a Salem representative introduced a motion before the Joint Committee

Goodman Warns Of Youth Revolt

Youth is building "a separate nation," characterized by its own "youth history" and its own mores, according to sociologist Paul

3000 GSAS Students Register; Draft Influences High Enrollment

Three thousand students are expected to register today and tomorrow for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The seven

Riots Here Unlikely: Hub Rights Leaders

Boston is not likely to experience a racial flare-up like those in Los Angeles and Chicago, three area civil rights

War Clouds Hung Over Class of '15; Athletes Scored Despite 'Indifference'

"No sensible man will today attempt to prove that war in the future is inevitable," stated a CRIMSON editorial in

Band Serenades 25th; '40 Reunion Continues At Essex Club Today

The Square and Yard were splendiferous yesterday with the bright boaters of inbound members of the Class of 1940 as

Monro Lauds Princeton Grading Plan

Princeton students will be able to opt for course evaluations of pass or fail rather than conventional marks of one-to-seven

Weaver Sees Conflict in Dual Goals Of Integration, Low-Income Housing

"Meeting low-income housing needs militates against racially-mixed housing," Robert C. Weaver, administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, said

Misconduct Charged in RGA Election

Irregular closing of the polls, an abandoned ballot box, and unclear campaign procedure provoked charges yesterday of misconduct in the

Cliffies Will Vote For RGA Today

Radcliffe will choose its next RGA residents in election held today and friday. During the last week, a proliferation of

Kissinger Claims French Seek To Reassert Identity, Autonomy

The task of reconstructing France's soul and a "specifically French sense of purpose," has led de Gaulle to the controversial

'November 9th' Vietnam Committee To Seek Recognition From Harvard

Ten students who seek "to give a more balanced presentation of the Vietnam situation and to present reasons for a

Jane Mansfield Dominates Radcliffe Swimming Meet

A mighty East House splashed to its second triumph in as many years yesterday in the second annual intramural swim

White Protestant Jews Seen Emerging

Judaism isn't going to disappear, but the "nice, white, Protestant, American Jew" will be increasingly evident, his life progressively "less