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Trauma Care in a Crisis

W hen I was 16, I saw someone die for the first time. He was a junkie who had crawled,

Communism Falls

F ROM RUSSIA to Cuba to Harvard Square, the forces of capitalism have shaken the foundations of communism, spelling probable

The Wilder Side

No new taxes. Massive cuts in social spending. Dirty political feuds with prominent Democrats. Sound familiar? No, it's not George

Gin and Glitz

T ODAY BEGINS Commencement Week. Thirty thousand chairs will appear out of nowhere and the Yard's grass will be trimmed

After Two Decades at Harvard, Bok Gets a Well-Earned Rest

When Derek C. Bok became president of Harvard University in 1971, he had learned to expect almost anything from student

Rudenstine Looking Forward, Bok Looking Back

When Derek C. Bok became president of Harvard University in 1971, he had learned to expect almost anything from student

...And How Sweet It Is

U NLIKE MOST Harvard students, I will not celebrate Valentine's Day as if it were a wake. I will not

Tracking the Indigenous Premed

Editor's Note: This research was funded by a grant from the American Bar Association. D URING the semester, Harvard premeds

Search Reaches Intermediate Stage

The presidential search committee has narrowed down its pool of candidates to a tentative intermediate list of 35 to 50

Search Committee Wraps Up Long List

The committee charged with selecting a new Harvard president has finished compiling and begun narrowing its long list of candidates,

Committee Seeks Scholar President

In its first public statement about what qualities Harvard's next chief executive should have, the presidential search commmittee yesterday said

Colleges Cope With Inquiry

As a massive federal investigation into possible antitrust violations by prestigious colleges forged ahead, Harvard this year assumed a leading

The Invitation

West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl will have the platform to himself today as he addresses graduates, their parents and returning

Forging A Vision For Harvard

A quick glance at the title of President Derek C. Bok's recent books provide the key to his philosophy on

How Harvard Squelched An Almost-Scoop on Bok

When Derek C. Bok was named Harvard president in 1970, the University's plans for a well-orchestrated surprise announcement were dashed

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes