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Newspaper Targets Campuses

A weekly news magazine targeting college students, reportedly soon to begin publication by The Boston Herald, has local college newspapers


Recession Cuts Into Area Ad Budgets

With the recession cutting deeply into the pockets of city store owners, many businesses are resorting to slashing advertising budgets


City to Demolish Haggerty Elementary, Will Construct New $7.5 Million Facility

The Cambridge City Council approved the allocation of approximately $7.5 million for the construction of a new Haggerty Elementary School.


Garbage Litter The Trash Rubbish Debris

Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves '72 wants to clean up the city. Reeves says he is appalled by the amount of


Berkeley Vouchers Aid the Homeless

Students, businesses and city officials of Berkeley, California have united in support of a program which allows people to offer


City Revives Finance Agency

In an effort to encourage industrial growth, the City Council reactivated the Cambridge Industrial Finance Authority earlier this month. The


Council Tackles Water Usage

After unanimously approving a water and sewer rate increase, city councillors last night called for increased water conservation in Cambridge.


Council Requests Camel Ad's Removal

The City Council passed a resolution last night against the R.J. Reynolds Company's use of the "Cool Joe" cartoon to


Law Students Meet Dean, Debate Hiring Practices

Early morning drama at the home of Dean of the Law School Robert C. Clark prefaced an afternoon of heated


City Considers Business Plan

Cambridge officials and local business leaders last night discussed a new plan to lure more businesses into economically depressed areas


Council Abandons Leak Investigation

The City Council voted last night to reconsider its pending investigation of media leaks by a vote of 6 to


Cambridge Schools May Face $4.2 Million in Cuts

This year Cambridge will spend $3000 more than the state average on every student enrolled in the city's schools. While


Council Passes Landmark Zoning Law

After a bitter three-year struggle between business and neighborhood groups, the City Council voted unanimously early this morning to approve


Councillors Mix Business And Politics

As the City Council continues its efforts to prove that Cambridge is a business-friendly environment, several community activists are grumbling


Fed Grand Jury Subpoenas Walsh In Fraud Inquiry

A federal grand jury subpoenaed documents earlier this week in the investigation of three-term City Councillor William H. Walsh for

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven