Kate Orville


Prevention When There is No Cure

We used to hold each other's populations hostage. If you bomb us, we told the Russians, we'll bomb you. They


Seniors Plan Armband Protest Over El Salvador, Atlanta

A group of seniors will ask classmates to protest violence in Central America and in Atlanta by wearing green and


Huxtable Discusses U.S. Architecture

Rapid changes in American society during the 20th century have led to the current lack of direction in modern architecture.


Currier Memories

A group of Currier House residents and alumni shared their memories of the House's first decade in an informal discussion


House Committees May Fund College-Wide Concert April 26

The Student Assembly this week asked each House committee to donate $50 toward a free college-wide concert April 26. Five


Kirkland House Students Plan Clean-Up for Harvard Square

More than 150 Harvard students will exchange their books for rakes and brooms Sunday afternoon to clean up the trash

House Art Cover Wallpaper
Visual Arts

Art House

Youth Homelessness in the Square
Harvard Square

For Homeless Youth, Age Can Compound Challenges of Life on the Streets

On Year Later: Boston Marathon Bombings
Boston Marathon

VIDEO: Looking Back One Year Later, Harvard Affiliates Prepare to Return to Finish Line

Johnston Gate Arts Cover

Rebuilding the Past: Harvard's Beautification Renaissance