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THC: To Harmony & Celebration

W HEN PEOPLE smoke marijuana frequently for many years, the part of their brain that regulates prudent use of the

The Ulltimate Job

E VERY YEAR there is an abundance of undergraduates who decide to become doctors, lawyers, or assorted corporate workslaves because

Cabbage Patch Currency

P EOPLE WHO lived for a short amount of time tend to have heads that are humorously disproportionate to the

Oral Arguments

T HE YEAR is 1986. God is holding Oral Roberts for ransome. Unless God receives $8 million in unmarked bills

The Days of Marble Steps

B Y DESIGNING Skyscrapers with a revolutionary new "vertical" alignment to replace the old horizontal models, architects have eliminated the

Immortal Fame For You

M ONEY CAN BUY many good things such as dogs and certain hearty soups. Those who purchase these items sparingly

A Call to Arms

I T IS GOOD that America has undertaken a massive arms buildup, for now if soldiers from a foreign country


A S THOMAS JEFFERSON suggested in the Declaration of Independence, all men are created with roughly the same amount of


W HEN I FIRST heard Harvard people bragging about their great diversity , I thought they were talking about some

Bothersome Bits of Harvard

PROBLEM: PEOPLE who constantly take pictures of the John Harvard Statue when I am trying to walk past it. For


H ARVARD PROFESSORS long ago discovered that by vibrating their vocal chords at various frequencies they could create air displacements

Stop, Before It's Too Late

I 'M USUALLY A pretty relaxed guy. When strangers deliberately inflict physical pain upon me for no apparent reason, I

Who Cares?

I DON'T CARE how much school work you have. I know it was due last leap year. I am also