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Music Worth Unwrapping

W ouldn't it be nice if there really were a fat guy with a white Lou Albano beard and a

Kids' Stuff

Y ou can learn a lot by looking at the toys that kids play with. One of the most interesting

Stallone's Simplistic Struggle

IT'S DECEMBER 3, and brother is it cold. Icicles are beginning to form on my eyebrows as I stare in

Full Of It

J OE STRUMMER HAS TRULY been caught with his pants down. Cut the Crap, the latest release from what was

A Philosophy Without Antagonism

J ames Baldwin is an idealist, but he does not think in terms of black and white--or even in terms

You Can't Go Home Again

There came to him an image of man's whole life upon the earth. It seemed to him that all man's

Dire Predictions

M ark Knopfler shrugs a lot. A year ago he was just the lead guitarist/songwriter/singer for a critically respected British

To Be The Very Best

A LITTLE MORE than ten years ago, the two most beautiful and touching albums of the seventies were released almost

The Tiger and the Pussycat

"There is in James Baldwin's work the most grueling, agonizing, total hatred of blacks, particularly of himself, and the most

He's Still Watching You

M AN HAS ALWAYS cherished the ideal of undying love. Even if hidden in some sanctum of the mind or

Dada Redux

A FEW YEARS ago, when The Sex Pistols first toured America, this country began to be conscious of a strange