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Poet's Progress

When Mother Courage was wheeled onto Broadway six weeks ago its supporters warned against comparing the local production with Brecht's

My Mother, My Father and Me

Lillian Hellman believes that accurate criticism is kinder than false praise, and her treatment of middle-class Jews is the kindest

The Cliche Expert Testifies on Disarmament

( Scene: a court of opinion Characters: a persecuting attorney, the Witness, Gutintent, and his silent counsel, Mr. Frank Sullivan)

Flaming Red

There must have been more to the thirties than the residue of cliches which Clifford Odets managed to preserve. A

South of the Border

San Cristobal las Casas, a mountain town in Southern Mexico, supplies the Indians of the surrounding hills with hardware, priests,

Residue Of Hatred In Havana

Liberals in this country have blathered a great many easy, perfunctory mea culpas over Cuba, but will not accept real

The Unweeded Garden of Cora Jenks

That most versatile writer, Jonathan Swift, almost conspicuously avoided the drama. Yet Carter Wilson '63 has put the experimental theatre

Last Train from Marienbad

I caught a late Saturday night showing at the Carnegie Hall Cinema, where a strange intensity radiated from the audience.

All Gall

Fitting together these three comedies, separated in style and centuries, was a clever idea. They are not linked by Gallic

A Thousand Clowns

Spontaneity has been overdone of late, and Herb Gardner's first play almost does it again. Everyone knows that the Organization

L. Don Leet

Secretary of State Rusk announced yesterday that a test-ban agreement with the Soviet Union now looks hopeless. At the same

Jules Feiffer and 'His People

At the start of the show, Jules Feiffer stepped onto the stage of Sanders Theatre, commented briefly on that archaic,

Jules Feiffer

There was a time when it looked like criticism was done for in this country. Now, thanks to the Administration's

Ashes and Diamonds

Wondering how this film ever came out of Poland brings to mind the story of a Russian worker who left