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Radio Interference Irks Apley Court Residents

Eric B. Lundequist '97 keeps his stereo on a couch in front of his fireplace. The couch, Lundequist says, is


Harvard Business School Faculty Vote Concludes Leadership and Learning Curriculum Experiment

After more than two and a half years of review and planning, a faculty-wide decision last month brought to conclusion


Late Dean Called Effective Leader

Those who knew and worked with former Dean of the Business School George P. Baker remember him as a quiet


Students Ignore Boston's Allure

When William R. Rico '96 arrived at Harvard from his native New York, he expected to travel into nearby Boston


Two Students Revive Dunster Cafe

Harvard students looking for good conversation, good food and good coffee may now be able to find all three at


Epps Will Organize Financial Seminars

Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III is planning to organize a series of seminars and release a handbook of


Students Hold Vigil Over 187

About 120 Harvard students streamed through the Yard yesterday evening in a candlelight vigil and march protesting a recently-passed California


Conference Connects Race, Sexuality

A dozen students in Union Parlor B last night discussed the proposition that race, gender and sexual orientation are inseparable.


In Math Department, It's Mostly Male

On his first day in Mathematics 55, Stephen S. Wang '98 didn't notice anything unusual. Then, before the class started,


Lampoon Releases Spoof Of Entertainment Weekly

After a five-year drought of Harvard Lampoon magazine parodies, would-be readers may finally head for the newsstands--an alternative version of


Arcade Reopens After Union Renovations

The recreation room in the basement of the Freshman Union reopened last night, despite earlier reports that an asbestos problem

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven