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Quincy Gets New Card Key System

Quincy House will soon become the latest undergraduate house to abandon metal keys for plastic card keys. And residents have


Other People's Money

Last month a group of students held a rally to protest the cuts in federal funding for student financial aid


Romney, Kennedy Backers Rally

The Massachusetts Senate contest arrived in the Yard yesterday with simultaneous demonstrations, one in support of Democratic Senator Edward M.


The Wonderful, Horrible Life and Films of Leni Riefenstahl

At the Harvard Film Archive: "Triumph of the Will" on October 5; "The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl" October


Away From College, Vets Get Education

In the fall of 1940, the first-year classes of Harvard and Radcliffe filed into Cambridge prepared to embark on a


It's a Wonderful, Horrible Life

"I was never anti-Semitic and never a member of the Nazi Party...So where does my guilt lie?" These last lines


Abortion Foes Find Common Ground

The term of the abortion issue are changing and pro-choice and pro-life groups find they share some similar views, said


NCAA Betting Pools Form In Dorms, Departments

March Madness has come to Harvard. After a week of cramming for midterms, students are now staking time and money


Medical School Joins Prudential To Research

In an unusual partnership between academic and commercial interests, Harvard Medical School and Prudential insurance Co. of America managed health


Steele Criticizes `False Compassion'

To blame racism for the problems affecting Blacks in America is largely a mistake, Shelby Steele, a professor of English


Speech Gets Mixed Reviews

The Rev. Al Sharpton's call for increased student activism struck a chord with many audience members in Emerson Hall last


Patrick Nominated for Justice Post

President Clinton announced the nomination of Deval L. Patrick '78 as assistant attorney general for civil rights yesterday afternoon. "He's


Earth Movers

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