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In order for a satire to succeed, it must blur the line between exaggeration and reality. The reader, or in

Summer Flicks: The Crime's Pix 'n Pans

This summer proved to be chockedfull of some wonderful filmmaking. By the same token, it had some real losers. Below

Oh, 'Corrina, Corrina,' Why Can't You Be True?

I n a reprise of her real-life cross-racial relationship with Ted Danson, Whoopi Goldberg stars "Corrina, Corrina" as the yin

Harvard Welcomes the Uncrowned

F rom pornographic violence to the outright bizarre to crazy gimmicks, the "Renegade Cinema of Doris Wishman," opening tomorrow at

Crimed Tries to Master the Art of Losing

E lizabeth Bishop, one of my favorite poets, wrote a poem which has been my lesson for the summer. It's

Brattle Presents Old and New Classics

T he Brattle Theatre serves up a Sunday Mike Nichols duo, "The Graduate" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" along

Summer's Gift Will Touch Your Heart

A serious and touching British drama, Richard Loncraine's "The Wedding Gift" employs some of England's most talented actors and actresses.


Jack Ryan is back, he's mad and he's fighting singly-handedly for truth, justice and the American Way. In essence, he's

Film Has 'Just Cause' for Square Shots

As one "outraged" Harvard student of the Class of 1995 put it, the "liberal Hollywood connection is at work again."

'Metropolitan' Doesn't Work Abroad

Barcelona Directed by Whit Stillman '73 At local theaters Opens today Whit Stillman '73 is best known for his small

Bergman Happens To Find a Great Duo

It Could Happen to You Directed by Andrew Bergman At local theaters Opens today Could it happen to you? Possibly.

Look Out For 'Rear Window'

1954 ...Dior's A-line dress has swept Europe and the United States, charm bracelets are in and the precursor to the


W hat exactly is the Blues? To a neophyte Blues listener like me, this seems like a legitimate question. When

Dining Services Gain Space, Ideas With Move

On June 25, the Harvard University Dining Services officially moved their Purchasing, Retail Operations and Director's offices to their new

More New Cores In Store

Bemoaning the dearth of interesting Literature and Arts cores? Never fear. Six additional core courses will be offered this year,