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Cheering for Crew in Square

Everyone should be in the Square at 2.15 o'clock to cheer the crews on their departure for New London.


The Seniors and the Juniors will play the deciding game of the upperclass baseball series on the Freshman diamond this


The second interclass baseball game will be played this afternoon on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock between the Seniors and

Freshman Mass Meeting Tomorrow

All Freshmen are urged to be present at a football mass meeting to be held in Lower Massachusetts tomorrow evening

Football Men Meet in Union at 8

There will be a very important meeting for all men who intend to try for next year's football team, in

Sophomore Class Meeting at 7

In accordance with the constitution adopted last May, there will be a meeting of the Sophomore class at 7 o'clock

1909 Meeting in Upper Mass, at 7

There will be a meeting of the Freshman class at 7 o'clock tonight in Upper Massachusetts to decide upon a

1909 Baseball Team Leaves

The Freshman baseball squad will leave the Square at 12.15 o'clock today to take the 1.07 train from the Back


A mass meeting will be held in the Living Room of the Union this evening at 7 o'clock, for the

1909 Meeting in Lower Mass. at 6.45

A meeting of the Freshman class will be held this evening at 6.45 in Lower Massachusetts to take action on

1909 Class Meeting in Sever 35 at 1

There will be a meeting of the Freshman class in Sever 35 at 1 o'clock today to take action on