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A Parting Shot

W E sit at separate tables, keep largely to ourselves, count people of our own group among our closest friends.

Michigan, Coach Bo and The Game

Jason McDevitt was short. He had a high voice. We called him Mickey, as in the mouse. Such is the

Who's Helping Whom?

T HE 1930s were the heyday for the nation's Black colleges. In the midst of a society commited to segregation,

A Paranoid Pledge

I T is unfortunate and unsettling to hear the vice president of the United States taunting his opponent for vetoing

Is Quayle a Boom or a Bust?

T HE Baby Boomers saw their political leaders murdered, first President Kennedy, then Dr. King and then Bobby Kennedy. In

The Murder-Suicide of Abe Fortas' Political Career

Fortas: The Rise and Ruin of a Supreme Court Justice By Bruce Allen Murphy 598 pp. William Morrow, $25.00 A

"Yeah, Gimme a Light"

N OW it's one thing to rail against astroturf. It's even understandable to get upset about the dreaded domed stadium.

The Search for Czars

S OME time ago, it became part of the conventional wisdom to suggest that the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson would

Revealing the Private

Harvard Diary: Reflections on the Sacred and the Secular By Robert Coles, $16.95. New York: Crossroads, 204 pp. I N

What Jesse Has to Do

A LTERNATELY hostile and accommodating in the past few weeks, Jesse Jackson has caused little trouble for his party. While

Making `A Risk for Peace' Pay Off

He had planned it down to the last detail, and in the end, as one observer put it, "it was

Questioning Motives

T WENTY years ago today, Senator Robert F. Kennedy '48 was shot. In 1968, Kennedy was fast on his way

What More Do They Want on Jesse?

T HE new fashionable point for political columnists to make is that Jesse Jackson hasn't been taken seriously--which in translation

Freedom of the Press: For Whom?

A .J. LIEBLING noted long ago that freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns one. Liebling didn't

Why Johnny Can't Rule

T HE STRANGEST things can set Norman Podhoretz off. It's enough that he gets angry with women for having ambitions

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Katie Ledecky in Kazan

The Fan in Kazan

Santa Lucía

Trading Seasons: Spending Summer Break in a Chile Winter