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Thatcher's Plan May Cave In

P ERHAPS SHE WAS too ambitious, When she left the Commonwealth Conference in Lusaka last month, British Prime Minister Margaret


Campaigning for SALT

T HE WORLD is in flames all around Jimmy Carter. Our new Chinese friends and their Soviet competitors are caught


Rhodesia: Old Smithie Hangs On

F OR IAN SMITH, the game is drawing to an end. It was 13 years ago last week that Smith


Soviet Union May Release Chemist Sought by MIT

The Soviet Union has apparently agreed to permit the emigration of Benjamin Levich, a world-renowned electrochemist who is being offered


Democratic Club Chooses First Female President

The Harvard-Radcliffe Democratic Club last night chose Tamera M. Stanton '79 as the first female president in the club's history.


High Anxiety

On the Left: Division Thwarts Victory The party leaders "refused to compromise, and now we are in danger of being


Independent Challengers

Florence West Florence West says that although she is inexperienced at running for office, she is learning a lot. The


Fit to be Tied

Escape, the philosophers say, is a major theme of human existence. Man is constantly trying "to get away from it


Files, Laws And Other Paraphenalia

When you filled out the Harvard admissions application, there was a little section that offered a chance to "waive the


Tabling Tabloids

Life is pretty hectic for me now. Meandering through Harvard Square late at night, I keep a sharp eye out


In Search of More Fertile Battlegrounds

Once upon a time, William D. Wallace, director of Harvard's health careers program, was a member of the prestigious American


No Exam Week Delivery, Newspaper Service Says

Students who subscribe to The Boston Globe and The New York Times have not received their morning newspapers during exam


B-School Efforts Pay Off

Business School efforts to increase minority student enrollment seem to be paying off. This week, the Business faculty voted to


Business School Faculty Vote Revises Minority Admissions

The Business School officially dropped special provisions for minority admissions yesterday because increasing numbers of minority applicants are now meeting


Sever Pipes Drowning Out Lectures

The banging and clanging got louder and louder, but Paul A. Cantor '66, assistant professor of English Literature, refused to

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out