Masthead of the 142nd Guard


Steven S. Lee ’16

Managing Editor

Madeline R. Conway ’16

Business Manager

Juliet A. Nelson ’16


Matthew Q. Clarida '16, Associate Managing Editor
Steven R. Watros '16, Associate Managing Editor
Christine Y. Cahill '16, News Comp Director
Dev A. Patel '16, News Comp Director
Marco J. Barber Grossi '16, News Executive
Amna H. Hashmi '16, News Executive
Brianna D. MacGregor '16, News Executive
Sonali Y. Salgado '16, News Executive
Caroline T. Zhang '16, News Executive
Francesca Annicchiarico '16, Senior Story Editor
Jessica A. Barzilay '16, Senior Story Editor
Indrani G. Das '16, Senior Story Editor
Nikki D. Erlick '16, Senior Story Editor


John P. Finnegan '16, Associate Business Manager
Alvin K. Leung '16, Associate Business Manager
Ace Eldeib '17, Director of Staff Development
Eloi Le Roux '17, Director of Staff Development
Katherine Dean '16, Advertising Manager
Aaron G. Siegel '17, Advertising Manager
Leia N. Wedlund '17, Advertising Manager
Arun G. Rangarajan '17, Circulation and Marketing Manager
Dion J. Hagan '17, Circulation and Marketing Manager
Lizbeth Hernandez '16, Operations Manager
Michael B. Sacks '17, Operations Manager
Brian de Luna '17, Publishing Manager
Farhana Nabi '16, Publishing Manager
Julie A. Salzinger '17, Publishing Manager
Joshua R. Palay '16, Technology Manager
Tiffany Wu '17, Technology Manager


John A. Griffin '16, Editorial Chair
Molly L. Roberts '16, Editorial Chair
Idrees M. Kahloon '16, Associate Editorial Editor
Jimmy F. Kelleher '17, Associate Editorial Editor
Nelson L. Barrette '17, Associate Editorial Editor
Franklin R. Li '17, Associate Editorial Editor
Vivek A. Banerjee '16, Associate Editorial Editor
Garrett M. Lam '16, Associate Editorial Editor
Ian R. Van Wye '17, Associate Editorial Editor
Eva Shang '17, Associate Editorial Editor


Grace E. Huckins '16, Arts Chair
Abby L. Noyes '16, Arts Chair
Lien E. Le '17, Associate Arts Editor
Alan R. Xie '16, Associate Arts Editor
David J. Kurlander '17, Associate Arts Editor
Jude D. Russo '16, Associate Arts Editor
Victoria Lin '17, Associate Arts Editor
Ha D.H. Le '17, Associate Arts Editor
Adela H. Kim '16, Associate Arts Editor
Melissa C. Rodman '18, Associate Arts Editor
Victoria Zhuang '16, Associate Arts Editor


Hammie Park '17, Blog Chair
Lauren G. Volpert '17, Blog Chair
Avni Nahar '17, Blog Comp Director
Lejla Skokic '17, Blog Comp Director
Olivia A. Nicholls '17, Associate Flyby Editor
Ivan B. K. Levingston '17, Associate Flyby Editor
Kamara A. Swaby '17, Associate Flyby Editor
Christopher J. Riley '17, Associate Flyby Editor
Betty Anne Richardson '17, Associate Flyby Editor


Helen Bae '16, Design Chair
Lisa Ma '16, Design Chair
Ashley Zhou '17, Design Comp Director
Stella Tu '16, Design Comp Director
Fatma Akcay '16, Online Design Comp Director
Nadia X. Haile '17, Associate Design Editor
Shivangi Parmar '17, Associate Design Editor
Kavya Pathak '17, Associate Design Editor
Linda Song'16, Associate Design Editor

Fifteen Minutes

Cordelia F. Mendez ’16, FM Chair
Bailey M. Trela '16, FM Chair
Joshua A. Goldstein '17, FM Comp Director
Molly E. Wharton '17, FM Comp Director
Lena K. Felton '17, Associate FM Editor
Maia R. Silber '17, Associate FM Editor
Lily C. Sugrue '16, Associate FM Editor


Madeline R. Lear ’17, Multimedia Chair
George J. Lok '16, Multimedia Chair
Jennifer Y. Yao '16, Editor-at-Large
Y. Kit Wu '17, Associate Multimedia Editor


Caleb Y. Lee '17, Sports Chair
Jake T. Meagher '17, Sports Chair
Samantha Lin '16, Sports Comp Director
David Steinbach '16, Sports Comp Director
Justin C. Wong '16, Associate Sports Editor
Michael D. Ledecky '16, Associate Sports Editor
David Freed '16, Associate Sports Editor
Julio Fierro '17, Associate Sports Editor
Theresa C. Hebert '17, Associate Sports Editor
Kurt T. Bullard '17, Associate Sports Editor
Ariel Smolik-Valles '17, Associate Sports Editor

Web Development

Nikhil L. Benesch '17, Director of Web Development
David Fan ’16, Director of Web Development